Is it finally fall?


Now I might not love pumpkin lattes but carving and decorating with them is on my list of things to do. This past weekend I got into the fall spirit by decorating my apartment and turning it into a cozy den with autumn accents. I found my storage bin with last years décor and began taking out all the autumn leaves and fake pumpkins and found some old favorites, a fake skull for Halloween and an owl named Edwin whose nose is upside down and in the middle of his forehead.

Since fall is my favorite season this year I’ve decided to make the most of it by creating a list of things to do. Of course, I have usual fall traditions like carving pumpkins, making Halloween cookies, and watching movies with fall scented candles.

IMG_2610 344
Autumn Bucket list
• Visiting an apple orchard
• Baking Halloween cookies
• Having a fall photo shoot
• Carving pumpkins
• Make a pie
• Go to the farmers market
• Put on my favorite knit sweater
• Read a book in a cozy blanket
• Knit
• Walk through the woods to see the fall foliage
• Get a fall scented candle
• Try a new recipe
I am looking forward to adding visiting an apple orchard to the list of fall traditions that I currently have. It wouldn’t be fall without a movie marathon of Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus, and Sleepy Hollow which are the only Halloween oriented movie that I care to watch considering I hate scary movies.

Walking down a path filled with leaves that are changing into the colors of a sunset is my idea of paradise. I’d take cozy evenings over sweltering days of sunlight, any season in which duckies (what I call rubber boots) are acceptable footwear I’m more than ready for. If I could live in boots I would. What pairs best with a comfy pair of boots you might ask? Obviously, a knitted pair of socks that make you feel cozy and loved.
With a bit of luck, I can cross everything off my list with the help from some family and friends! As I get older I find that holidays are somehow becoming even more special and each season is an opportunity to do more of the things that I love and try out new things.

IMG_5001 6576879897878787

I hope that I’m not the only one falling in love with this season!


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