November is the month after my favorite season and right before Christmas but don’t think that it doesn’t have something special to offer as well. Growing up it was the month that we remember those who fought for our freedom. Every year we attend a Remembrance Day ceremony and when in younger grades I played in the band during the ceremony (back when I was a little bit of a nerd). It can at times seem like a somber month but it also has its highlights. It is the month of my sister’s birthday and if you know anything about me it is that I love celebrating birthdays.


Anything that involves planning is something that I love. Which is why planning a birthday present and a party is exactly what I need midway through the month. I start shopping early which is why I had my sisters birthday presents bought in August. As sisters, we disagree on a few things but always find common ground. One of the things we always agree on is our shared love of Harry Potter. So it went without saying that I got her an HP themed present. A time-turner necklace was a must, paired with an emerald green hoodie that says Always, and make-up brushes shaped like wands.



The second Fantastic Beasts movie is coming out on the 16th and we couldn’t be more excited to see it, which is another reason that this month is a magical one. I look forward to seeing multiple movies and getting ready to start listening to Christmas music, decorating, and watching cheesy Christmas movies.


We all need a November to remember what we are thankful for, and for me its a month of celebrations and getting ready for Christmas while remembering the sacrifices of those before us.

Happy November!






Thanksgiving Weekend

What are you thankful for?



I’m tempted to lie and say that every day I am abundantly thankful for my life and those in it, but in truth like most, I take things for granted. Thanksgiving, however, rolls around and reminds us of our shortcomings and presents us with a new opportunity. I will say that on a regular enough basis I find time to be thankful but not nearly enough once I consider all that I have.
For this holiday I will once again be spending it with family. Surrounded by a cozy and tranquil atmosphere and filled to the brill with laughter and eccentric family members. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons but one of them is the sense of warmth that I feel paired with crisp air. I have once again fallen for the alluring promise of autumn.

What I remember most about the beginning of cold weather starts in the kitchen. My grandmother, my mothers mum always had baked goods for all her grandchildren, but what she made the best was lemon pie. Which she taught her daughter to make, and which I can now proudly make as well. When I was little I watched them roll out the pies with a rolling pin with painted red handles (which my mother still has) and they would give my sister and me excess pieces of dough to play with and make mini pies. My grandmother, of course, would bring the lemon to a boil on the stove and spoon feed us mouthfuls with a wink. Over the past weekend, I got to work mixing flour with other ingredients to roll out pie shells, as I used the old rolling pin (even though we have a new one) I couldn’t help but reminisce about my childhood. The scent of pie crust and lemon spread throughout the kitchen and I couldn’t help but think how excited I was to serve it to my grandmother on Thanksgiving.

Which brings me back to being thankful for the small things, like a memory of baking pies with some of my favorite people. I look forward to setting up the table with my mother who no doubt has bought new pieces of décor and sitting around the table saying all the things we are most thankful for.



Happy Thanksgiving!



Is it finally fall?


Now I might not love pumpkin lattes but carving and decorating with them is on my list of things to do. This past weekend I got into the fall spirit by decorating my apartment and turning it into a cozy den with autumn accents. I found my storage bin with last years décor and began taking out all the autumn leaves and fake pumpkins and found some old favorites, a fake skull for Halloween and an owl named Edwin whose nose is upside down and in the middle of his forehead.

Since fall is my favorite season this year I’ve decided to make the most of it by creating a list of things to do. Of course, I have usual fall traditions like carving pumpkins, making Halloween cookies, and watching movies with fall scented candles.

IMG_2610 344
Autumn Bucket list
• Visiting an apple orchard
• Baking Halloween cookies
• Having a fall photo shoot
• Carving pumpkins
• Make a pie
• Go to the farmers market
• Put on my favorite knit sweater
• Read a book in a cozy blanket
• Knit
• Walk through the woods to see the fall foliage
• Get a fall scented candle
• Try a new recipe
I am looking forward to adding visiting an apple orchard to the list of fall traditions that I currently have. It wouldn’t be fall without a movie marathon of Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus, and Sleepy Hollow which are the only Halloween oriented movie that I care to watch considering I hate scary movies.

Walking down a path filled with leaves that are changing into the colors of a sunset is my idea of paradise. I’d take cozy evenings over sweltering days of sunlight, any season in which duckies (what I call rubber boots) are acceptable footwear I’m more than ready for. If I could live in boots I would. What pairs best with a comfy pair of boots you might ask? Obviously, a knitted pair of socks that make you feel cozy and loved.
With a bit of luck, I can cross everything off my list with the help from some family and friends! As I get older I find that holidays are somehow becoming even more special and each season is an opportunity to do more of the things that I love and try out new things.

IMG_5001 6576879897878787

I hope that I’m not the only one falling in love with this season!



Hello September!

The air has a crisp scent to it and the mornings are once again clothed in light darkness which means September is right around the corner. It also means that one of my favorite shopping trips has already been planned, school supply shopping. Of course, I was only able to pick up a few things as I will receive a list of art supplies to purchase once I have started my course.

Every year I can’t help but buy a few cute notebooks as well as new pens and pencils. Getting new school supplies always makes it easier to get into the routine of classes and provides me with an incentive to keep up with my studies. There’s something about packing my school bag with new supplies that feels like Christmas morning to me. Along with school supplies though I know I am likely to shop a little for a new accessory or clothing item before I head back.

The fall represents new beginnings and a time to begin new adventures. Although, starting school can at times seem daunting, however, I’ve always loved the ending of August because it means early mornings and days full of learning. This might sound rather cheesy but learning new skills and testing myself academically has been something that I have enjoyed about school since I was young.
The summers might be full of sunshine, beach days, and summer evenings but I tend to thrive in the fall when the weather gets cooler and houses seem cozy, and sweaters are a necessity. Thankfully I’m all set to head back for another school year and looking forward to the changing leaves, boots, and everything pumpkin.



I’m always down for a new summer trend but I must confess as a tall girl crop tops have never been a friend to me, so I was pleased to see that this year loose fitted dresses seem to be hitting the scene. Cotton and baby blue were music to my ears as I headed out shopping to find a few new pieces for this year’s summer wardrobe. There are five trends that I am loving this summer.
1. Tasseled earrings
Tasseled earrings are the perfect way to add a pop to an outfit and an inexpensive way to grow any wardrobe.

2. Off shouldered frilled dress
What I love most about off shouldered dresses is that they just form fitting enough without being too tight in the heat of the summer. They are also feminine and perfect for a summer day or evening.

3. Pinstripe jumper
Jumpers are an easy outfit choice because they are an entire ensemble in just one garment.

4. Summer beach hats
Hats are one of my favorite accessories and are helpful in the summer to beat the heat and add flair to any outfit.

5. Ruffled denim dress
There’s something about denim dresses that make me feel like a little kid again, and the sleeves of this denim dress are amazing, they feel like little clouds attached to your arms.



What I like most about this year’s summer fashion is that it is simple and extremely comfortable. Pastel colors are everywhere and compliment a new summer tan tremendously well. Which is why I am loving all these summer looks and will be sorry to put them away until the next summer season. Although the ending of August is the start of my favorite season, Autumn, which is full of new beginnings and crisp fall leaves and of course fall fashion.