November is the month after my favorite season and right before Christmas but don’t think that it doesn’t have something special to offer as well. Growing up it was the month that we remember those who fought for our freedom. Every year we attend a Remembrance Day ceremony and when in younger grades I played in the band during the ceremony (back when I was a little bit of a nerd). It can at times seem like a somber month but it also has its highlights. It is the month of my sister’s birthday and if you know anything about me it is that I love celebrating birthdays.


Anything that involves planning is something that I love. Which is why planning a birthday present and a party is exactly what I need midway through the month. I start shopping early which is why I had my sisters birthday presents bought in August. As sisters, we disagree on a few things but always find common ground. One of the things we always agree on is our shared love of Harry Potter. So it went without saying that I got her an HP themed present. A time-turner necklace was a must, paired with an emerald green hoodie that says Always, and make-up brushes shaped like wands.



The second Fantastic Beasts movie is coming out on the 16th and we couldn’t be more excited to see it, which is another reason that this month is a magical one. I look forward to seeing multiple movies and getting ready to start listening to Christmas music, decorating, and watching cheesy Christmas movies.


We all need a November to remember what we are thankful for, and for me its a month of celebrations and getting ready for Christmas while remembering the sacrifices of those before us.

Happy November!