My Rose Gold Obsession

Color is an important part of our everyday lives. Color can set a mood, and create a feeling, it can influence us subconsciously and affect our clothing choice. The colors we wear often reflect our personalities and attitudes. So why not join the craze of rose gold? If you’re looking for an extra pop of color look no further. Once a color becomes popular you see it appear everywhere. It begins slowly and then all at once there are rose colored make-up, clothing, technology, and even hair products.

Yet, what is it that attracts so many of us to this flirtatious color? It’s no wonder that gold with a hint of pink would be a hit. Especially with the aesthetic of media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram advertising the newest trends. Is it because we want to relieve our childhood adventures when the days were full of sparkle and ended in pink and orange sunsets. Or are we just searching for yet another way to be extra?

Gold and silver accessories have always been popular but rose gold gives us another option. Silver has always made me think of the first snowfall of the year or Christmas morning. I often wear silver in the winter and occasionally in the summer months. Gold, however, I reserve for when I’m blonde, tan, and rocking a sundress.

Rose gold is a warmer tone that leaves you with a taste of when you were young, it a bold statement mixed with a little bit of fun. The color is refined and sophisticated. It makes me remember a time when my favorite color was undeniably pink. When I was a kid I had one main obsession and that was the color pink. My go-to outfit was a pink Barbie suit and you can ask my mother she must have washed it three times a week just so that I could re-wear it almost every day of pre-school. I wore the outfit for a good three years and when I outgrew it, I cried, my mum cried, and to this day the outfit is in a sealed bag in my closet.

So, whatever your motives are for wearing rose gold you can bet that it will complement just about any outfit and make you relive a time just like me when pink was the only color that I wanted to wear.