Thanksgiving Weekend

What are you thankful for?



I’m tempted to lie and say that every day I am abundantly thankful for my life and those in it, but in truth like most, I take things for granted. Thanksgiving, however, rolls around and reminds us of our shortcomings and presents us with a new opportunity. I will say that on a regular enough basis I find time to be thankful but not nearly enough once I consider all that I have.
For this holiday I will once again be spending it with family. Surrounded by a cozy and tranquil atmosphere and filled to the brill with laughter and eccentric family members. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons but one of them is the sense of warmth that I feel paired with crisp air. I have once again fallen for the alluring promise of autumn.

What I remember most about the beginning of cold weather starts in the kitchen. My grandmother, my mothers mum always had baked goods for all her grandchildren, but what she made the best was lemon pie. Which she taught her daughter to make, and which I can now proudly make as well. When I was little I watched them roll out the pies with a rolling pin with painted red handles (which my mother still has) and they would give my sister and me excess pieces of dough to play with and make mini pies. My grandmother, of course, would bring the lemon to a boil on the stove and spoon feed us mouthfuls with a wink. Over the past weekend, I got to work mixing flour with other ingredients to roll out pie shells, as I used the old rolling pin (even though we have a new one) I couldn’t help but reminisce about my childhood. The scent of pie crust and lemon spread throughout the kitchen and I couldn’t help but think how excited I was to serve it to my grandmother on Thanksgiving.

Which brings me back to being thankful for the small things, like a memory of baking pies with some of my favorite people. I look forward to setting up the table with my mother who no doubt has bought new pieces of décor and sitting around the table saying all the things we are most thankful for.



Happy Thanksgiving!