Hello September!

The air has a crisp scent to it and the mornings are once again clothed in light darkness which means September is right around the corner. It also means that one of my favorite shopping trips has already been planned, school supply shopping. Of course, I was only able to pick up a few things as I will receive a list of art supplies to purchase once I have started my course.

Every year I can’t help but buy a few cute notebooks as well as new pens and pencils. Getting new school supplies always makes it easier to get into the routine of classes and provides me with an incentive to keep up with my studies. There’s something about packing my school bag with new supplies that feels like Christmas morning to me. Along with school supplies though I know I am likely to shop a little for a new accessory or clothing item before I head back.

The fall represents new beginnings and a time to begin new adventures. Although, starting school can at times seem daunting, however, I’ve always loved the ending of August because it means early mornings and days full of learning. This might sound rather cheesy but learning new skills and testing myself academically has been something that I have enjoyed about school since I was young.
The summers might be full of sunshine, beach days, and summer evenings but I tend to thrive in the fall when the weather gets cooler and houses seem cozy, and sweaters are a necessity. Thankfully I’m all set to head back for another school year and looking forward to the changing leaves, boots, and everything pumpkin.