I’m always down for a new summer trend but I must confess as a tall girl crop tops have never been a friend to me, so I was pleased to see that this year loose fitted dresses seem to be hitting the scene. Cotton and baby blue were music to my ears as I headed out shopping to find a few new pieces for this year’s summer wardrobe. There are five trends that I am loving this summer.
1. Tasseled earrings
Tasseled earrings are the perfect way to add a pop to an outfit and an inexpensive way to grow any wardrobe.

2. Off shouldered frilled dress
What I love most about off shouldered dresses is that they just form fitting enough without being too tight in the heat of the summer. They are also feminine and perfect for a summer day or evening.

3. Pinstripe jumper
Jumpers are an easy outfit choice because they are an entire ensemble in just one garment.

4. Summer beach hats
Hats are one of my favorite accessories and are helpful in the summer to beat the heat and add flair to any outfit.

5. Ruffled denim dress
There’s something about denim dresses that make me feel like a little kid again, and the sleeves of this denim dress are amazing, they feel like little clouds attached to your arms.



What I like most about this year’s summer fashion is that it is simple and extremely comfortable. Pastel colors are everywhere and compliment a new summer tan tremendously well. Which is why I am loving all these summer looks and will be sorry to put them away until the next summer season. Although the ending of August is the start of my favorite season, Autumn, which is full of new beginnings and crisp fall leaves and of course fall fashion.




Tying the knot bohemian style.

Every now and again I meet someone who impacts my life instantly, and last fall I did just that. She had teal colored hair and had a hippy vibe going on, and was truly compassionate about creating good art. All qualities that I admire, and I luckily was able to call her a friend throughout this year and snagged an invite to her wedding. I could not have imagined a more magical night with two people surrounded by their loved ones and truly made for each other.
The décor was absolutely breathtaking and everything had such a personal touch with artistic flair. With a color scheme of different shades of purple paired with luscious pops of green, the outdoor wedding was picturesque. To add to the elegance, they got married under a handmade geometric arc decorated with flowers. The vows that they exchanged were personal and endearing and unconditionally true.

To say the least, it is a night I will remember fondly. I am no wedding expert, but I think that all the planning that went into the event paid off, the photo album with the polaroid pictures was a hit and a beautiful way to capture memories of the day. The weather was ideal and getting married in the evening was genius as the golden hour was right around the corner.
I don’t mean to exclusively write about weddings, but I felt that I had to say how much of a lovely wedding that it was. And of course, the dress that she wore was amazing. It lightly flowed around her with a layer of tulle over the top of a nude dress that showcased her waist and figure with a V-neck at the top. The tulle had flowers and leaves incorporated into the design which perfectly matched the woven crown of flowers and leaves on the top of her head. Which might I add her hair was the glorious color of lilacs mixed with hydrangeas, she was a bohemian queen on her wedding day. There was, of course, a costume change for the first dance in which her inner Marilyn Munroe was channeled.

I would highly recommend an outdoor wedding if you like a bohemian earthly vibe, that is intimate and charming. Whatever kind of wedding a couple has the most important thing is that they celebrate how they are starting a new life together, for each other, with each other. I feel blessed to have shared their special day with them and all those who love them dearly. I look forward to hearing about all the amazing new adventures that they with undoubtedly have as a married couple.


Congratulations to the happy couple!