The Summer of Weddings

I’ve had to ask myself this summer what do you wear to a wedding? Since I am in my early 20’s I’ve not had much experience with being a wedding guest. However, in 2018 that is about to be a thing of the past. I’m told that weddings come in threes. I have received an invite for two already and am patiently waiting for a third. (Coughs loudly) I think you know who you are if you’re reading this. Now invitations are an important thing, what vibe does the card itself give off? Depending on the answer it can help determine a suitable dress code.

The wedding I have just attended required a new dress and more formal attire. The invitation was elegant with a gray color scheme. Since I was also speaking during the ceremony and reception I decided to go for a more formal dress during the first part of the wedding and changed into something more glamorous for the evening. That aside it is not always easy to determine what kind of outfit to wear to a wedding, it is impossible to predict what others may wear as well.
For the summer I would embrace your inner bohemian or borrow a page from gossip girl and show off your legs like Serena van der Woodsen. One color to avoid at all costs would be white, I tend to favor vibrant pops of color or soft pastels. I have found though that the ideal outfit is the garden party dress, because of its elegance, knee-length, and whimsical appearance. It is not over the top and just fancy enough to be the perfect piece in any summer closet.
The second wedding I will be attending is an indoor/outdoor wedding of one of my friends. I suspect it will be gorgeous because it will be in mid-August in the evening, with twinkle lights and dried flowers. Now, keeping in mind at some point I will find myself in a field, heels will not be part of the plan. Bohemian will probably be the best style to try out seeing as the wedding itself is themed around plant life and simplicity.
Appearances aside the main part of going to weddings are to celebrate the love of the couple who you are going to support. Regardless of the outfit that I choose to wear I know that I am down to dance all night and make memories with friends. I just plan to achieve the following while adding a little dash of glamour.